We will set the gold standard for weight reduction surgeries bringing out our highest quality and safety protocols supported by 365mc Artifical Intelligence aided Liposuction surgery system and the comprehensive patient management system for lifestyle changes. We care deeply about not just esthetics but improved health of each patient we see.

Offering the best quality liposuction in volume and quality 

365MC was born to serve the weight loss and body shaping needs of our patients.

365MC provides the safest procedures with proven results, which leads to our patients’ unyielding trusts and supports.

  • Over 4 million fat reduction procedures performed
  • Over 143,238 successful liposuction surgeries
  • 80,000 patient reviews about positive weight loss treatments experience
  • 16 weight loss clinics nationwide
  • Certified by the Korea Record Institute as the hospital with the highest number of liosuction performed
  • Meet all the safety and regulation requirement imposed by the ministry of Health & Welfare
  • Published books on Local Anesthesia Minimal Invasive Liposuction(LAMS), liposuction, and revision liposuction based on years of experience and knowledge
  • One of 365MC clinics has been accredited by The Ministry of Health & Welfare of Korea as a medical service provider with the highest quality standard designed for a hospital grade operation, passing the stringent tests(over 500 categories) set by Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation(KOIHA) which also meets the standard set by International Society for quality in Healthcare.
  • The first plastic surgery clinic to be certified by the Ministry of Health & Welfare as the top quality surgery center

Leaing expertise & best practices

365MC collaborates WITH Microsoft to creat “Artificial Intelligence aided Liposuction” program.

365MC AI Liposuction will enhance our already spectacular safety record(ZERO medical incident) as well as optimizing the procedure results by learning from our best practies.

Available Surgery

- Face Liposuction, Body Liposuction, LAMS

Opening Hours

- Weekday AM 11:00 ~ PM 20:00

- Wednesday Only open until PM 19:00

- Saturday AM 11:00 ~ PM 16:00

* Closed on Sundays and Public holidays.

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