Difference!! Marble plastic surgery is unique. Marble Plastic Surgery, where youth and beauty begins will be with many people who want to be happy. 

1. Minimized surgery for restrained beauty and maximized satisfaction. 

2. 1:1 personalized service, considering individual differences. 

3. Secure intergrated medical system for patient. 

4. Relief real-name system from consultation, to surgery and after-care.

[Relief Special Contract Policy] 
Marble's Relief Special Contract Policy was introduce for protecting patient's right and safety. I can lower risk which can be happened during surgery.

1.Relief real-name system: We always identify our staffs to patients from consultation to operation and even follow-up management.
2.Relief diagnostic work-up: We serve a workup for checking patient's health including blood pressure, lung function before entering operation.
3.Relief emergency preparation: We are equipped to deal with emergency. We have our own generating plant and AED defibrilltor.

Does Relief Special Contract Policy neccessary? 
Human body is more complex than we thought. A nose surgery, commonly considered as simple, is acturally exacting. Because when surgeon operates, intricate anatomical structure and various functions of nose should be considered. More than that, to prevent safety accidents, especially the surgery which take a long-time perform, we need to do careful workup for physical condition such as heart, lung, blood pressure before doing surgery.
"From now on, Relief Special Contract is not a choice, but it is a necessariness."
When you look up a plastic surgery hospital, please check whether it apply Relief Special Contract Policy or not.

Available Surgery

- Eye Surgery, Nose Surgery, Face Contouring, Two Jaw, Fat Graft, Face Liposuction, Face Lifting, Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Botox, Filler

Opening Hours

- Monday - Friday AM 10:00 ~ PM 7:00

- Saturday AM 10:00 ~ PM 4:00

* Closed on Sundays and Public holidays.

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