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Since its opening in 1997, GYALUMHAN Plastic Srugery has been a leading company in Facial contouring surgery. The artdent research and sincere concern for patients are what have made GYALUMHAN Plastic Surgery come this far. Thanks to our reliable safety system and differentiated follow-up sevice. We became renowned as an Accident-free clinic. HIGH TECH HIGH TOUCH. GYALUMHAN Plastic Surgery shall strive to win the hearts of customers as well as providing the best medical service.

1. GYALUMHAN's Principles
- At GYALUMHAN Plastic Surgery Clinic, we think from the perspective of our patients and dedicate ourselves to providing the best care, which is the most fundamental principle of medicine. We are committed to serving our patients with honesty, friendly services, and quality medical care at our outstanding facility that ensures patient comfort.

2. GYALUMHAN's Promises
- Comfort : Patients are welcomed by our consultants and interpreters with bright smiles, and they will feel as ease thanks to our cafe-like lounge and amenities.
- Honesty : We provide honest and fact-based consultation, giving only accurate and reliable information that has been proven by medical research and experience. We never exasperated.
- Safety : Our top priority is patient safety, which we guarantee with our vast experience and know-how in plastic surgery and anesthesiology. and we are committed to bringing desirable results.
- Recovery : We provide patient-oriented services so that our patients can feel comfortable at our clinic during and after surgery.
- Happiness : Your happiness is our happiness. We promise to be with you every step of the way as a way to guarantee satisfying results.

3. GYALUMHAN's System
- 3D CT : 3D computed tomography(CT) equipment captures multiple three-dimensional images from various angles. The accurate and detailed analysis is made possible with the 3D images, which allows our doctors to observe the facial bone conditions and shapes as well as muscle and fat tissue conditions, and locate the nerves and blood vessels.
- Safety Analysis Program : The X-ray images taken before surgery are analyzed using a face analysis program, developed independently by GYALUMHAN. The ideal incision lines are drawn on the computer screen while planning for the surgery for optimum results.
- Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) : Our clinic is equipped with UPS to ensure a stable power supply even in the event of an electrical overload, power shortage or power outage, and better cope with electricity emergencies.
- Monitoring System : We run a monitoring system to observe the vital signs of our patients during and after surgery and to notify our doctors immediately in case of any problems.
- Bone Scalpel System : The Bone Scalpel System is the world one and only ultrasonic cutting machine that has obtained FDA approval and the CE mark. Ultrasonic waves are used to selectively cut the hard bone tissue so as to prevent damage to the soft tissue attached to the bone tissue during surgery. This minimizes hemorrhage and bone loss for enhanced safety.

4. Safe Anesthetics System 

General anesthesia is administered for facial contouring and orthognathic surgeries, both of which are performed on the area of contact with the airway. For this reason, it is important to check the vital signs during surgery and secure airway after surgery.

5. 20 Years of Know-how
We will continue to serve our patients with quality care and high integrity as we have done for the past 20 years.

Available Surgery

- Eye Surgery, Nose Surgery, Face Contouring, Fat Graft, Face Liposuction, Face Lifting, Botox, Filler

Opening Hours

- Weekdays AM 10:00 ~ PM 6:30

- Saturdays AM 10:00 ~ PM 3:00

- Lunch Time PM 12:00 ~ PM 1:00

* Sundays / Public holidays are closed.

* Thursday only has treatment. 

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